5 mins with a Senior Client Executive at Threefold

Meet Elena Stevens, a Senior Client Executive at Threefold working on our Mothercare partnership.

When did you join SMG?

November 2015.

Describe your role in a nutshell..

I work with Mothercare's supplier brands to plan, share and review bespoke and insight led co-marketing campaigns; using Mothercare's in-store, offsite and online media estate to drive incremental sales, brand growth and shopper understanding.

Tell us what you enjoy most about working here?

My favourite part about my day to day is working in a great team who supports each other and who makes it a fun environment to work in. Overall, working here makes me feel as though I am part of something special and that I am working in an ever-growing business that has the capabilities to excel my career.

What aspects of your role keep you challenged and curious?

For me, I thoroughly enjoy the extra responsibilities that are given to me aside from my main role. Currently, I lead the finance reporting on the Mothercare team and in doing so, I've had to quickly understand how the SMG and Mothercare business run their finance process, which has lead me to explore new ways to make working together more effective.

Which of the four SMG values resonates most with you and why?

Stay Foolish..SMG rewards employees to stay curious and not be complacent with the normal way of doing things. Not only can this help the team around you work better and more efficiently, it means that it is ingrained in all of us to keep asking 'why' in everything we do, which is a great quality for any marketer to have.

What is the most useful piece of advice you've received since joining SMG?

"You will never just have time, you have to make time" - It's so easy to get bogged down in your day to day that sometimes you need to take a step back and make time to do the things you want to do or feel that you should do, outside of your day to day (instead of always talking about it!)

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